making Site Categories network aware

Hey Paul, see you're on plugin support duty this morning :slight_smile: We have a BP multi-network multisite, courtesy of Ron and JJJ with

The network in which we want to use Site Categories is not the root network, so its main site is not the 'main-main' site. The main, parent site ID is 28 for the network where we have network-enabled Site Categories.

Most of Site Categories is running as expected, thank you! Admin menu items are where they should be in our case, both in parent site 28 and its child sites. We've a few test site categories and as expected there are three taxonomy bcat in the ..._28_term_taxonomy table and three terms in ..._28_terms.

However, two parts of the plugin are in effect not network aware. First, in the child sites' admin pages, the metaboxes looking to SITE_CATEGORIES_I18N_DOMAIN are looking to site ID 1, not the main site / parent site in which the plugin is enabled, ID 28. As a result, the dropdown menus are empty and the child site admin UI cannot be used to select site categories. I verified by network enabling Site Categories in the main-main site, ID 1, and categories there are then seen by admins in child sites of site 28. This has our data out of step with the landing page and so on, natch.

If our scenario is too unusual to deserve a general fix, I would be happy with a suggested hack to enable the plugin in just this one network, i.e. pointing specifically to site ID 28 or something to that effect. Of course I would rather avoid that, next thing you know, another of the networks will want this and then another :slight_smile:

The other related issue is with the new site signup form not displaying the Site Categories options. Again in our specific case this is for site signup within the network with a main site ID of 28. Similarly as above, with the plugin network enabled in site ID 1, the site signup form displays options as expected for site ID 1. The site categories options do not, however display in a site signup form for site 28 regardless of whether the plugin is network enabled only there or there and in site ID 1. Thanks for your work, this will be much appreciated.