Making Supporter Act Like Pay to Blog


We need some advice if anyone is willing to share it.

We essentially need Pay to Blog functionality (no free trial, just paid), but we also want the flexibility of the upcoming Supporter 3.0 (which may include multiple subscription levels, coupon codes, etc.). And we would like the flexibility to possibly offer free trials or previews down the road sometime.

So we lean toward Supporter, but we need it to act more like Pay to Blog. For example, in the absence of a free plan it would need to present people with the signup options if they aren't Supporters. We need more than the write prevention, we simply need the Dashboard to be replaced with the signup options.

We know that this can be accomplished with the is_supporter check, and we have successfully tested this approach. However, it seems to require modifications to the core WP files, which is something we don't want to do for obvious reasons.

Is there another way to achieve this, for example:

- Somehow adding overrides that exist outside of the core WP files without risk of being overwritten during an update?
- Or maybe incorporating this functionality into a WP plugin that redirects the Dashboard based on the is_supporter check? (Not yet sure how we would code that plugin, but if that's the direction we need to go in, we'll get it sorted.)

Also, will the new Supporter possibly include this functionality (ability to essentially block Dashboard to non-Supporters and direct them to signup options)?

Thanks in advance for any advice,