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Even though 'defender pro' shows no issues our google ads was blocked by google saying there is malware in our code. How to find and fix this issue? I have opened up the support access on dashboard.

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Thanks for contacting Google AdWords Support Center, my name is Vic and I will be assisting with your query today in regards to your AdWords account.

As per our conversation, the reason for this occurrence is that your website has unfortunately been affected by malicious content (malware). This has triggered the AdWords system on the back-end, causing the suspension. This is done to protect the end users who look at your ads and website.


At present, from our end, we see the following URLs returning compromising links as mentioned below.>>


You might wish to check with your web hosting vendor to ensure that their servers are free from malware as this could the reason why malware is intermittently affecting your site. In addition, I have included 3 links about Malware for your reference:
Malware: what is malware (
Fixing Malware: what are the steps to take to clean the malware from your website (
Protect Yourself from Malware: keeping your website clean of malware (


Kindly have them removed, following which, give the system about 24 hours to sync up and once clean, the site will be automatically released. Alternatively, kindly escalate the site for review via this form (

I hope I was able to help you. Please drop us a call at +18005218590 or feel free to contact us again by using this form in future . Alternatively, you can also find relevant information in our AdWords Help Center. All the best and have a great day!


Google Support Team

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