Malware warnings on 2 themes in Farm package

Previously, I had mentioned to someone somewhere that I had received warning alerts about malware links in a few themes from the Farms 133 theme pack. Asked about which ones and what the warning was specifically, I had already cleaned up and didn't have specifics to provide.

After updating the theme pack with today's update, less came back with warnings, but there were two listed. Both themes reference a url in the stylesheet that has been identified as a site containing malware. Likely injected if you know these theme authors.

Nonetheless, to keep a clean and tidy site and hosting system, I won't allow anything to remain with warnings. It just makes managing things that much easier. To help you with backtracking and rectifying these two themes, here's a copy of the warning message received today.

Alert generated at Wednesday 12th of September 2012 at 06:09:53 PM
Critical Problems:

* File contains suspected malware URL:disappointed:wp-content/themes/roundflow/style.css
* File contains suspected malware URL:disappointed:wp-content/themes/stripedplus/style.css

You'll see the same url listed at the top of the stylesheet - same site.

Cheers, Lee