Manage client communications from parent site to other sites on network using CustomPress

I am looking for advice on how I can accomplish the following. I have my company site setup as a multisite using subdomains. The parent site is my main company site and the other sites are hidden to the general public and I want to use them for each of my clients that I am building websites for. I am looking for a plugin where I can write a post on my parent site that can be seen on other specific sites on my network. Basically I want to be able to use multisite as a way to communicate with my clients about things like general communications about how their site build is coming along, invoicing notification, etc. Would it be possible to use your CustomPress plugin in this manner?

Ultimately I would love custom post types where from the admin page of my main site I can enter a new post and select which of the other sites on my network can see those posts.

Can this be done with CustomPress or do you have another solution that could be adopted to work like this?

Thank you,