Manage member lists by interest, Functionality

Hi there,

I see in the description for this plugin that it says "Manage your member lists by interest or anything ya like to better target your messages"

But I'm not seeing a way to sort the users list by demographics, or by the users profile data, etc.

Apparently, that function is not actually built into the plugin. If it's easy to do, maybe we can modify the plugin to display the users profile data and then filter the list so we can assign them to a newsletter group. I would like it so the newsletter plugin will capture any existing profile data, so that if I modify the user profile fields, they will all be displayed.


  • Kimberly


    The capability the plugin is referring to is the Member Group capability.

    You can use the widget or Subscription page to let your members sign up to the newsletters that interest them.

    I believe that signing folks up to a newsletter is a generally avoided practice. It's better form to allow folks to sign up on their own, which is what we provide via this plugin.

    The vast amount of variables that could be affected make it very difficult to determine exactly how to filter the information. Basically alphabetically is about the best we could do without customizing :slight_smile:

    I do know that there may be someone who can help you custom code a solution in our Job Forums.