Manage Orders and Order Status Display

Just upgraded to V and found a couple of display issues:

1. Manage Orders: Tax is set on the total purchase based on a specific US ZIP code. The manage orders display shows tax even though tax was not applied. The code in question is:

case "mp_orders_tax":
echo $this->get_setting('tax->inclusive', false) ? $this->format_currency('', $meta["mp_tax_total"][0]) : $this->format_currency('', $meta["mp_order_total"][0] * $this->get_setting('tax->rate'));

on line 2163 of marketpress.php.

If the system is accumulating total tax inclusive or not, shouldn’t this code simply display mp_tax_total?

Change to

echo $this->format_currency('', $meta["mp_tax_total"][0]);

works in my tax case. See screen shot of example at

2. Order status display incorrect as $subtotal_text was not initialized to blank in loop. See example of price carryover at because this instruction concatenates previous values:

$subtotal_text .= $mp->format_currency('', $discount_price);

Fixed it by adding

$subtotal_text = '';

at line 1212 and line 1239 of template-functions.php. It is probably wise to also initialize it in marketpress.php at lines 5188 and line 5215.


Merv (lzw8bk)