Manage WP Not Syncing

Hi There, I am currently in my trial period and everything is going really well until I noticed that after I have installed the dashboard and the defender plugin I lose sync with ManageWP completely and it is unable to connect I had 4 websites that could not connect all of which I have just installed your plugins on.

I was able to remove from ManageWP and re-add but something is breaking the connection to ManageWP, after I re-add I lose all my previous backups from ManageWP so it is not ideal, I know this is something for them to consider however it would not of been an issue if I had not installed your plugins.

So my question is… is this something you are aware of and is there something I can do to prevent it happening, I saw someone else with similar question but the thread did not seem to give a conclusion, just you guys checking it out this is a post from Marh 2016 so I am sure everything has come on a long way since then anyway.

I want to add your plugin to another 80 odd websites but hesitant until I know what is going on here.

I don’t know if this is relevant but I have noticed that Defender always flags this ManageWP file as a high risk, I have told defender to ignore it each time but wondering if that causes a issue.

This is the file it finds… /wp-content/plugins/worker/src/PHPSecLib/Net/SSH2.php

Many Thanks