Managed backup not working.

I'm getting back-up errors, and I can't seem to fix it. I have automatic back-ups on the transform waste site, and I get an email saying the backup was unable to be performed.
Then I go in to retry manually, and it starts backing up but either never finish or says error. Please check and help.

  • Dimitris
    • Support Star

    Hello there Olivia,
    hope you're doing well today and I'm really sorry for the huge delay here.

    I've just added the following lines to wp-config.php

    define('SNAPSHOT_FILESET_LARGE_FILE_SIZE', 104857600); //100MB
    define('SNAPSHOT_BACKTRACE_ALL', true);

    and a small MU plugin, that could help with the upload process of Managed Backups to our cloud servers, that can be found in wp-content/mu-plugins/wpmudev-snapshot.php.

    Could you please update Snapshot plugin to the latest version and try to grab a new Managed Backup? Let us know how that goes!

    Thank you,

  • Prathamesh Palve
    • Staff

    Hello Olivia,

    I hope you are doing well and I apologise for the delay in the response here.

    I went ahead and performed a few tests with multiple variations in the settings and types. I have also tried the most conservative settings for a snapshot but I have spotted that CPU usage is hitting the limit in most the cases.

    Though the memory limit and & max execution time I have set, are more than what is required for a snapshot backup to run, I have seen the CPU hitting the limit every time I tried to make a managed backup.

    This indicates that there's likely some other limit being imposed by your hosting provider.
    Here is the screenshot of the CPanel stating the CPU limit was hit to its core.

    Here, I see the I/O limits are not displayed on the CPanel. Can you reach out to your hosting provider to check if the I/o limit was hit and ask them to increase the max execution time, memory limit & I/O limits (I/O limit if hit)?

    As the backup could not be complete due to the server reaching its limits, I'm afraid there isn't much we can do here but you can take local Snapshot backups and store them on your local storage.

    If you have any doubts or need any help, feel free to reply in the thread here.


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