Managed Backup notification

I would like to get an email notification that checks every time after Managed Backup execution, that the backup is created and uploaded to the cloud storage; or if the back up will fail.

  • Peter

    Hi Ash,

    thanks for that.

    But let me rephrase the feature request a bit:

    My Wordpress experience so far is that the only thing you can really count on, is that something will break. Unfortunately rather sooner than later and more often than you would wish for. Also unfortunately this includes Snapshot Managed backups for me.
    Even though backend said it was all set up and working it suddenly stopped doing its job without me making any changes to the setup. I found out the hard way when I needed a backup and I had to revert to a pretty old version because Snapshot didn't run for two weeks before I discovered the problem. And this has happened more than once that Snapshot just stopped working.

    Backups are critical. So critical that it borders on negligence to leave that job to anything inside Wordpress given the all too soft Wordpress core concept.

    Unfortunately I currently can't run a server side backup of this project so I have to rely on a Wordpress backup solution. Without any external and reliable check if the backup actually got executed Snapshot is giving the impression of data safety for the worst case scenario when it really can't guarantee anything currently. A default email notification for "backup not executed" is of vital importance. It's the only chance for a site admin to catch the problem. This is not a nice to have feature. This is a must have. It's the difference between Snapshot being a toy or a tool.

    So as much as I appreciate having other members voting on new features makes a lot of sense given resources always being finite - this is an issue that needs addressing because it can cause a lot of avoidable pain and suffering.


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