Managed backup restoration failing

I'm trying to restore a managed backup to a new server using snapshot-installer.php.

First I got a 503 timeout error, I increased time limit and now I'm getting these errors:
"Snapshot failed to restore your website package in "Restoring tables" phase
Reason: Unable to determine table"

"Warning: Division by zero in /home/u++++++++188/public_html/development/r****v/snapshot-installer.php on line 754"

If the old server has MySQL and new one has MariaDB or the server has a different PHP version, would that be an issue?

  • Adam Czajczyk
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    Hello Alexandru

    I hope you're well today!

    As long as PHP version is supported by Snapshot the difference between versions shouldn't be an issue (unless there are some missing modules, but I don't think it's the case). In most cases MariDB shouldn't be a problem either unless there's some non-standard configuration or e.g. original server was running very old version of MySQL.

    That said, I started with downloading and checking your backup file to find whether it's complete as the issue that you're experiencing is sometimes caused by the broken backup file (due to some errors during backup process) but it looks fine.

    It seems that currently there's some files restored on the target server (not all) but since I don't have an access to the database (phpMyAdmin preferably) I can't check it. I can't also clear it up in order to actually test the restoration process.

    The error of "Unable to determine table" happens if the installer script was able to connect to the database but couldn't find any valid db tables (.sql files) in the backup archive itself. So, it happens even before it even interacts with the database on server (apart from connecting to it).

    Since these tables definitely are inside the zip file, this could mean that they either weren't properly extracted from a zip file or there were some issues with default file permissions after extracting or there was some error during extraction which caused the tables to get corrupted. It's also possible that the PHP configuration is that strict that it e.g. blocks the "glob()" function which is used to list extracted .sql files.

    This would have to be checked though. I realize that you might have some additional sites on that target server but I'd need a direct access to be able to try to restore the site there for you and to find out what's causing the issue. Ideally, the cPanel credentials would be best. Also site access would be handy to check migration. Would you be able to provide me with it?

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    Please also upload the backup file again to the target server and keep it there for now.

    Kind regards,

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