Managed Backup size doesn't match snapshot size

Snapshot local backup are around 125MB but doing Managed Backup, it says 1GB both from Hub > Backup and on the site.
Note, local snapshot is a full backup.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hi Nico

    I hope you're well today!

    I checked the "" site that you granted support access to and I think this is a bit different case.

    As all the sites that are registered with your The Hub are regular single WP installs, this one is a multisite. On a multisite snapshots (Snapshot -> Snapshots" and managed backups (Snapshot -> Managed backup) work in a different way: the Managed Backup is always a full backup of entire Multisite so it includes all the data of all the sites of the network - the main site and all the subsites. The "snapshot" though, this is always a backup of a selected site - so even if you make a "full snapshot", it's a snapshot of a selected site of the Multisite only.

    That can cause really huge differences in backup size.

    However, I think the entire case in general is different. I have downloaded one of the Managed Backups from your Hub to be able to look into it and noticed that what makes it that big is because it's actually backing up other backups.

    A "full backup" in case of "snapshots" would usually copy "common files" which means: wp-config.php, .htaccess, /wp-content/plugins, /wp-content/themes and /wp-content/uploads.

    But the Managed Backup includes "everything it finds on a way". It includes also the "/backup" folder in a root folder of the site install and the /wp-content/updraft/ folder and they both contain multiple zip files (other backups).

    So basically, it's "backing up other backups", so to say. The best course of action, if other backup tools are/were used on site, is to exclude those backups from Snapshot and you can do it by going to

    "Snapshot -> Settings" page

    and listing those "backup folders" in the "Global File Exclusions" section. In this case you would want to add these two lines there:


    That should take them "out" of the Managed Backup archive, essentially making these backups significantly smaller.

    Best regards,

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