Managed Backup stuck at 0%

Can you please help me to backup My site via Snapshot Pro > Managed Backup? It is stuck at 0%.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello MOSHE

    I hope you’re doing fine today!

    I checked the site and notice that there are some other backups there (backups created with other plugins). This is perfectly fine but backup files are usually quite big – in this case there’s one nearly 1GB big and one close to 0,5GB – and as such sometimes the make it “too difficult” for the server to process.

    Backing up huge files requires resources and can cause server resource limits to be hit which, in turn, causes backup process to break or stale.

    Taking that into account, I’ve excluded folders containing these files from Managed Backups. While doing that, I also excluded some other files and folders that are not relevant directly to the WP install and/or – like other backups – there’s no point in backing them up (such as some error log files or cache files).

    You can see all the exclusions that I made on “Snapshot -> Settings” page in “Global Exclusions” option.

    After adding exclusions Managed Backup worked fine and completed successfully. You can confirm that by checking “Snapshot -> Managed Backups” tab in your site’s back-end or backup section in The Hub.

    Currently Managed Backup on your site is scheduled to weekly so it should run automatically. If you want to test it, you can change the schedule to e.g. Daily and see if a new backup is created on the next day (please note: creation of the backup and uploading it to The Hub might take some time, I’d say giving it 2-3 hours at least since the scheduled time would be a safe margin in case of this site).

    Best regards,


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