Managed Backups can't be seen on dashboard

I have created few managed backups for my dev site and then I deleted the website, which caused it to disappear from the HUB.
And then I was told that installing a fresh site and enabling the DEV Dashboard plugin will bring all the backups back, however, I don't see anything on their.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello mick

    I'm sorry to hear about the trouble!

    I read the chat and I understand that managed backups from Snapshot were not working for you so instead you were using snapshots (Snapshot -> Snapshots). Is that correct?

    I know that you've been told that re-connecting the site to the hub would bring back backups and that's true, however: the site must be reconnected within 30 days and those backups must be there - must have been previously uploaded to The Hub.

    If backups were failing they weren't uploaded, that's why they are not there and re-connecting the site didn't bring them back. The "snapshot" tool of Snapshots is a bit different. Yes, it's "as good as managed backup" but it doesn't upload backups to The Hub. Only Managed Backups do. Snapshots ("Snapshot -> Snapshots") instead are stored locally on your server and, optionally, can also be pushed to some remote destination of your choice (e.g. Google Drive, Amazon S3, some FTP location) if you first setup and configure such destination.

    To sum it up:

    - Managed Backups are pushed to The Hub but if they were failing they might have not been uploaded; we should troubleshoot this first

    - Snapshots are not pushed to The Hub so they cannot be regained from there

    I also checked your account and I don't see any previous tickets related to snapshot, neither any previous chats. I know you said during the last chat that there were "multiple chats" and support but I got no trace or that apart from the very last chat and this and previous ticket on forum. Have you been using a different account previously? How long ago the site in question was removed from The Hub?

    Let me know please and I'll include our admins to check if there were any backups (even partially) uploaded to The Hub and if so, if they could be restored.

    Kind regards,

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