Managing Content across several blogs

We are trying to create a series of sites that all contain the same content, which is managed from the main site. We've been able to use the Multipost MU plugin to achieve this, allowing users to publish across the whole wpmu install, while retaining modification control across all sites.

We have also been using New Blog Templates to duplicate the sites out. The trouble is, it seems the templates do not create the links necessary to maintain their edit-ability using the Multipost plugin.

Does wpmudev offer a multisite content manager? I didn't see one but I figured I'd ask anyway.

Alternatively, any thoughts about a way to create these links during the initial theme copy process?

I'm thinking a plugin that checks for the multipost links and recreates them as the theme is duplicated could make this work. Any help or ideas would be terrific.


  • ppw2project

    Thanks for your response Phil..

    >My understanding of the Multipost MU plugin is that it simply lists the other blogs in the network in a >widget on the edit post screen.

    Multipost also allows you to modify posts and pages across all of your installations.

    >Are you saying that blogs created using New Blog Templates do not appear in this list?

    No the blogs appear,

    >Do you have Multipost MU automatically posting to all blogs in the network?

    Yes ... Once a site is in place the multipost features work fine on all new posts and pages. The trouble comes in editing existing content. When the subsite is duplicated the link back to the original post is not being created, so changes do not propagate out, even if the site boxes are checked on the post or page.

    I've moved over to using a different multiple post manager, called threewp-broadcast which handles this a little more elegantly and will recreate the links to the subblogs. As far as I can tell I will still have to link the content manually, after the theme is copied over, because creating links afterward creates duplicate content instead of just a link.

    Hoping the above is clear.


  • DavidM

    Hi there ppw2project,

    Just to see if I understand correctly, are you in essence creating a self-replicating multisite using these plugins? From what you're describing, it seems so and I would say that your proposed methods are elegant in and of themselves.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm thinking the real problem revolves around ThreeWP Broadcast's options not being carried over to the copied sites. If so, are you thinking that maybe New Blog Templates is not copying all the necessary data for this to work?

    Looking forward to your thoughts on this one as I've long considered the possibility of a self-replicating Wordpress site!


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