Managing different level of reading capability

Hello everyone ,
I'm not sure the topic is in the good place maybe it should be in general but I'm not sure.

I'm looking for a plugin working with WordPress multisite to manage privacy of pages or posts not all the blog.

Indeed, My users would like, in order to protect the privacy of some of the information they give, give access only to some people to several space on the blog.
The global password for a page isn't enough.

They would like to give access for exemple to 3 pages only to approved registered members (because everyone can subscribe to the blog)
So they want to manage more group levels and like it is done with the level "private" but to more than admins only.

While looking for an answer I found the plugin Multisite privacy which is the same concept but for entire blog and not pages or posts.
I also looked at Membership but did not see any option to enable this option.

Does someone have a clue to get me rid of this problem ?

Thanks for helping me!