Managing membership levels

I have a WP Multi Site and BP setup.

It is my first time using Pro-Sites/Membership and I was hoping to get some advice on the best way to set it up for the levels/functionality I want.

Here are the levels and abilities I want:

1) BP user only – FREE

2) BP user and blog owner – FREE

3) BP user and blog owner – PRO

4) BP user and blog owner – PRO.

The difference between levels 2 – 4 is access to additional BP and blog functions.

My user base consists of 2 basic types of members – business owners and customers. Only verified business owners can get a level 2 – 4 membership.

My challenge lies in the best way to differentiate between levels 1 and 2. As I understand it, at registration all users will have the option to create a blog. Is there a way to only have blog creation as an option after sign up?

My concern lies with non business owners (the bulk of the members) who are not eligible for a blog. I suppose I could use the Pay to Blog module so their blog stays inactive it seems messy to have a bunch of non active blog and seems confusing for users.

I would like be able to approve just the members that apply for level 2 – 4.

My thought was that even though level 2 is free to put a price on it but use a lifetime FREE coupon to make it free. In the follow up email after signup instruct those that would like a level 2 membership to send an application and if approved I would send them the coupon code.

Am I over complicating this? Just hoping for as smooth a process as possible for users and admins.

Also, I am planning to use the Membership plugin to restrict access to a page on the main site to level 2 – 4 members.

Any advice from those that have used these plugin for something similar?