Managing Multiple-Level User Access to Content Within a Post

I'm developing a membership site and part of the MU side of things is a series of 'exclusive' content blogs that various member levels can all access.

Access to content within each post is controlled so that the higher the member level, the more content and resources within the post they can view.

I've tested the new Member plugin for WP by Justin Tadlock. This seems like it could handle my request, except its not built for MU, and I'm not a plugin developer.

Is there another way to manage this using existing MU plugins or another more suitable way to control members?

I'm glad to have found MUDEV recently and as such, will be aligning our business model to take advantage of the plugins they offer where possible. I certainly don't want to re-invent the wheel, so if anyone can provide some suggestions then I'd be most appreciative.

Thanks for any help in advance