Managing multiple wordpress network

Hello everyone.

I have a lot of wordpress installed with network enabled, roughly more than 50. I've tried Manage WP for more than a year, but they natively support network activated wordpress, so some of the feature is not functioning properly. I've also tried to look into other solutions, but from the research, managing multiple network is not fully supported yet.

My server is on Parallel Plesk, which have Wordpress manager built it, but the experiences is not so smooth. Things I'm looking for is to be able to update all plugins & themes in a single click as login each of the wordpress every time there is an update will not be efficient for me.

Knowing this community, I have high hope that someone suppose to have similar environment as me to share how they manage their Wordpress.

Some background of me, I'm the webmaster of the local university in Malaysia, and we have installed wordpress for each faculty and units (large units, else they sit in our root wordpress), hence the numbers of installed. Since everyone want to have their own child sites, I can't have a single install, or having less wordpress for the purpose of better management.