Managing Subscribers (Members)

I've started with a large email list from client's professional organization. Since the bounce feature doesn't work (still not addressed properly in another post), I need a way to remove 200+ members from our list. With no "search for user" option on the members page I'm stuck. I'd like to not have to waste half a day hunting for users 1 at a time. Even sorting my list and sorting the users just seems like more work than it should be.

Is there a way via a URL injection to search for a user so I can delete it via the dashboard?

Or, I found the unsubscribe codes in the DB, is there some trick to building the unsubscribe URL. I *thought* I had it figured out:

<p><a href="">Unsubscribe</a></p>

I figured I'd build a page of unsubscribe links, but theyre's not working. I don't dare do another mailing before cleaning this list, I don't want to have problems with my clients' hosting company.