Mandatory and Immediate FIX in your Responsibility

Not only, a single advice - given once by one of your team member for a product out of your factory - had such an incredibly, devastating impact on our entire work and application...

Not only, leaving us totally in the lurch now... instead demonstrating responsibility by solving those severe, massive problems...

Not only, obviously you are not obvious not aware about nor do you guys realize what that means and lead to for a whole bunch of good people…

Sorry that's far too much for us to accept and care... especially for myself personally. Useless to mention it's truly difficult to maintain further trust and the great positive impression and respect we got once about you guys.


More by sudden we figured out, snapshot does not work proper anymore (like before the incident)! See attached screenshot.

We expect that you take immediately responsibility for it and fix the snapshot plugin right away, allowing us to backup in full our main domain again.