mandrill vs sendgrid usage in wordpress

A plugin that i'm configuring gives me the choice of using the following as the email sending method:

- Default WP
- Mandrill
- Sendgrid

Are there any advantages to using the second and third option? any disadvantages?

  • Patrick Freitas
    • Staff

    Hi cornelius_butler

    How are you today?

    Let me give some personal experiences.

    - Default WP - I use as default on my WordPress, I do not send lot of emails, so my IP never gets on blacklist and the server is limited to 50 emails each hour.
    - Mandrill - It is used when you want to send email marketing, I'm afraid that it doesn't have a free plan but Mandrill is a mailchimp service, which is a good service.
    - Sendgrid - I Use when my server is having issue, for some reason emails not being send and I configure a free sendgrid account until I can solve the problem.

    Are there any advantages to using the second and third option?
    The advantages are that this kind of service is used to delivery massive of emails and they can handle it very well.
    any disadvantages?
    Disadvantages are that some of the services provides don't offer a free plan, so you will need to spend money and increase the plan as the business grows.

    If you are not planning to send massive emails marketing you can use the default WordPress, but if you are thinking about some marketing plan for this website, I would suggest you have a look on the sendgrid free plan,

    Best Regards,
    Patrick Freitas

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