Manual Approval Of Student Signup

Is it possible to have all student signups be approved by an instructor before they are able to view or access ANY of the courses?

We would like this as a global option. This is a free training site for our affiliates, but want to confirm that any signups are actually our affiliates before they are able to see the course content.

So, for example, the user would fill out the form here to access the training:

But, before they are able to login to see the courses, an instructor has to manually approve their signup. Ideally, the instructor would be notified by email of a new signup, and after approved, the student would be notified by email.

  • Nastia
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    Hello there Jason!

    While creating a new course or editing an existing one, in Step 6 - Enrollment & Course Cost you can select to add students manually.

    But please note, the students must be registered on your site first. To do this for a student, you can do this yourself by going to Users in WordPress where you can add the students manually. You can then select them from this list.

    The student can be added from an instructor. To do this, please navigate to CoursePress Pro > Settings > Instructor Capabilities tab > Students section and check the option:

    Add students to any course

    Or any other option from Instructor Capabilities settings.

    So, for example, the user would fill out the form here to access the training:

    For this you can create a custom registration form. As I see, you have already posted a question regarding it.

    The users can be registered with Buddypress plugin too. With BuddyPress you can add custom registration fields.

    If you choose to use a 3d-party plugin for registration, please set the new CoursePress Sign Up Page on CoursePress Pro > Settings > General tab instead of using virtual page.

    I hope this helps!


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