Manual for Version 3.2 of the Membership Plugin

Where is the manual for ver 3.2? (The current one is only for version 3.1.1).

The current manual is very confusing (as there are a lot of grammar mistakes; whilst the document also lacks in consecutive flow).

As the current manual is somewhat "tangled", I'm hoping the new 3.2 version is available?

Thanks so much!

  • aecnu

    Greetings Roger,

    Thank you for bringing this significant issue to our attention.

    I have no idea when the manual will be updated and even the current manual is better then the one from eight months ago - I was still a member and there was no manual at all .... lol

    However, I will see if I can get with the support team leader @Mason in here to see what he knows about the possibility of an update.

    Though this may take a bit longer then a normal ticket, I will try to get him in here asap.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Mason


    Tim, who has been away for the past few days, is in charge of updating the manual. I'm sure it'll be on his list of priority tasks when he returns this week.

    As noted in the changelog the new items are:
    Added Coupons functionality
    Added compatibility with Ultimate Facebook Plugin

    And the Ultimate Facebook compatibility just works. There's nothing you need to do special there, so the only new item to be added is the coupon section.

    As to the "tangledality" of the document, if you have anything specific, we can assist you here in the forums and rework areas that are causing confusion.


  • Roger

    I can work on it with you, if that helps?

    It's just that the grammar could use tweaking, as could the flow. Here's an example from the current manual:

    "If you used the Wizard and selected "Also create a level to control what non-members can see?" then a default Visitors level will have been created and that will be the default option selected here. If there is no Stranger level then all of your content will be protected regardless which is probably not what you want because you would want to pop some blurb on there about why people need your critical subscription offerings"

    After "decoding", here's how it comes across...

    If you selected "Also create a level to control what non-members can see?", when using the wizard, a default Visitors level was created. This Visitors level will then be selected by default.

    If no Stranger level exists, all content will be protected. In some instances this might not be optimal behaviour, as you may wish include content, that markets and explains your subscription offerings (to people who do not yet have a subscription).

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey Roger.

    was only trying to help, but it appears, given the experience I'm currently encountering (not in this ticket), the help was not welcomed and I've stepped on peoples toes?

    While that was NEVER the intent, I can understand the emotions and therefore, I apologize and withdraw my offer of help.

    Which thread do you refer to?

    I wrote the manual, before that there wasn't really anything but I also know I'm not the worlds most proficient or grammatically correct writer. I proofed it a few times but inevitably when reading something you write yourself you often keep missing the same mistakes.

    Anyway, you're not stepping on my toes and any improvements which help others is fantastic.

    If Mason hasn't yet been in touch I'm sure he will be.

    Take care,

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