Manual Memberships are creating multiple invoices with paid status

This is the end result I'm looking for:

Add 50 members manually which will have an end date of Jun 30. They will then get an invoice to pay for the next year, and this will happen annually. They can pay manually (at the next club meeting) or via paypal.

I have created an annual membership and can add people to it. However it is creating multiple invoices that are all noted as paid.

I have spoken to chat support and they have said to open a formal ticket.

Tests that have been done are:

-making a membership that lasts one day.

-Add someone manually

-add them to that membership

-They then get a welcome email from membership plugin

-Once the cron job runs (up to 6 hours) multiple invoices get created, all are marked as paid. -Not giving the person an option to pay for it.

Note – I have installed wp crontrol which allows forcing the cron job early to make the invoices to happen sooner.

I also tested if I manually created an invoice, it makes one. The person goes to pay, clicks manual payment and it takes them to a payment completed page rather than the page that gives them information about how to pay manually. It also then creates another 3 invoices for the future which are all noted as paid.

We need to be able to manually add the users, and add them to a membership. We don't need to manually invoice them, but at the end of their current membership (30 June) it needs to allow them to pay for a new year.

I would really appreciate your help.