Manual off line process credit cards gateway

Has anyone created a manual payment gateway to collect credit card information so that you can process off line through your credit card machine? I know you can set manual payment but no way to enter cc info. We will have a ssl, but need way to capture cc info. THe special instruction is on the shipping page and i need it all together so not confusing to customers.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    I'm not aware of anyone else doing this yet, but you should be able to achieve this with a custom gateway.

    Take a look at the manual payments gateway which will start you off best. It is well commented for a developer to pick up and run with.

    As well as SSL you'll need to look at PCI compliance if you're storing credit card details.


  • scushing90
    • New Recruit

    I am not developer, but I would LOVE to have this feature. I'm not entirely sure why it isn't already included in MarketPress. Working for different companies and clients over the years I have used a few other shopping cart programs and each one had the option of setting up "Manual Payments" to collect credit card information to be manually processed in-store.

    Many store owners don't want to have to sign up for an online payment plan when they are already paying to process credit cards in-store, which I completely understand.

    Unfortunately I have already setup the entire site for my client using the MarketPress plugin, assuming that the "Manual Payment" option meant what it has always meant (you know what they say about assuming).

    If this feature could be added in future releases it would be greatly appreciated.

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