Manual Payment Appointments not auto confirming after MarketPress Update


My appointments used to auto confirm in the previous version of marketpress with the following code copied into the manual-payments.php file

function order_confirmation($order) {
global $appointments ;
if ( isset( $_COOKIE["wpmudev_appointments"] ) ):
$apps = unserialize( stripslashes( $_COOKIE["wpmudev_appointments"] ) );
$apps = array_values(array_filter(array_map('intval', $apps)));
foreach ($apps as $id) {
$a = $appointments->get_app($id);
if('pending' === $a->status){

Will this work if I do it again and if so where do I copy it too? I used to copy it after

function order_confirmation($order) {

but that bit is not there anymore in the manual-payments.php file

Kind Regards