Manual Payment gateway?

I know this may seem "backwards in time" for the web but we work with a number of organizations with existing memberships who are used to "mailing a check" when it comes time to renew. They don't want to mess with that "PayPal thingy" :slight_smile:

We have found one plugin that allows members to register/renew and choose manual payment. They are instructed to send a check and the client has to manually approve them once the check clears. The clients like this as we've seen 50-75% of members pay online but the late adopters need a way to send a check.

Is there a way to do this with the Membership plugin? or a work-around?

I guess I should also ask if the membership plugin manages the recurring memberships (monthly, yearly) and then goes to the payment gateway to collect payment OR does the membership plugin require you use PayPal Subscriptions and PayPal manages the renewals?

We prefer NOT to have PayPal manage as the member can choose year to year how they want to pay or if we add a gateway or option.

Sorry a lot of questions in one post