Manual Restoration of a Snapshot Backup Zip File

Dear Sirs,

After two live-chats with two very supportive and helpful chat assistants, they have asked me to raise a ticket via here as my issue is too complex to be resolved over a chat session.

So the background. Updated a few plugins on this website, but unfortunately this broke some of the websites functionality, so no problem I thought, I would just restore back from my snapshot pro backup I had taken on the previous week, and then when my problems started. For some reason the backup firstly hadn’t upload to the WPMUDev’s clouds, but at least I have the zip file locally within the website, so I click restore…. 45% and I receive a failure, Restoration Failed, nothing more. When I attempt to refresh the website, oddly it asked me to setup the website again, as if from a fresh installation of WordPress. I fill in the details, and when I log onto the dashboard, sure enough clean install. No posts/pages/products or users (Its an ecommerce) website. OMG !!

I check the database in the backend and it full of everything, so nothing completely lost I hope. I am not in the situation when there is a holding page on the website and one very irate customer as his website is down. So via the chat support, I have copied the 1.2Gb zip file and a snapshot-installer.php into a separate subdirectory, but when I run the script, more errors.

Warning: ZipArchive::extractTo(): Invalid or unitialized Zip object in /home/sites/ on line 802 Warning: ZipArchive::close(): Invalid or unitialized Zip object in /home/sites/ on line 803

Configuration failed, and the database check is stating that the data with this name already exists, which is not true, as its a unique name.

Can anyone help me please, even if I have to manually unzip the files to the web and restore the database manually somehow.

Here’s hoping, many thanks

Andy Read