Manually Adding Members to eNewsletter?

If I’m manually adding Members to the eNewsletter, and I have Double Opt-In enabled, do those manually added Members receive an Opt-In email?

If yes, and they choose to Unsubscribe – will that effect, limit or prevent my ability to add them to other Member Groups?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated…. cheers!


  • Frank
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks Jack,

    the reason I’m asking is because I have a client who was having issues with Manually adding Members.

    After adding a new Member and assigning them to a Member Group, they would be listed as Unsubscribed. Making changes to the Member Group the Member was assigned to also would result in an Unsubscribed status.

    Now, here’s where is gets even weirder, this issue would happen with only some of the manually entered Members, not all. And sometimes, if you deleted the new Member and re-entered them in again, it would work fine….. yeah, I know, hmmmm…

    I look forward to figuring this one out!



  • Maniu
    • Developer

    Hey @frank

    Are you adding members manually of importing with file? What are the details of those members? Are there any special characters or anything unordinary? If you are doing it with file – please share it.

    I am considering adding option to resubscribe members with admin panel but i worry that it may cause spamming by some:slight_smile:



  • Frank
    • Flash Drive

    Hi @maniu

    We are adding new members manually, not importing.

    There doesn’t seem to be any obvious reason for the strange behaviour. I’m going to check things out again today on the site where the issue is occurring.

    Also, I have the eNewsletter Plugin installed on a couple of other client sites. I’ll check there as well and report back with more info and details for you.

    I’ll make the Admin available for you if you want to have a look.



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