Manually and permanently upgrade to Supporter

Greetings All :slight_smile:

this is a follow up to my post on an old post:

I wrote there my problem without a hint of resolve and believing because it was such an old post is why I have heard nothing - of course I could be wrong which would not surprise me in the least :slight_smile:

I wrote about my problem as follows and I thank you for your patience:

Greetings :slight_smile:

WP 3.1.2 MS

I have been through the settings time and again trying to figure out how to manually upgrade a blog to supporter and I am getting no where fast.

When I click the extend button it tells me:

Modify Blog : "Blog Name" (Blog ID: 12)

"Blog Name" has never been a Supporter blog.

I continue on and tell the system to extend it 2 days or 365 days - it does not make a difference - I am then told "blog extended" but when I log into blog it says it is still a freebie by virtue of not allowing me to use any of the premium member plugins/themes.

If I go back to extending the blog again it sends me into a circle i.e. "Blog Name" has never been a Supporter blog.

When I try to look at the supporter Table directly in the database it gives me an error 1286 - Unknown Table Engine "InnoDB"

So I am going in a circle and missing the boat on this one for sure .....

Anyone know of a workable solution?

Joe :slight_smile: