Manually Enter Level Expires or Other Options?


My name is Michael and I am the web designer for a company that has membership service (I am logged in on behalf of Marylou who set up this account). When looking into the best plugin to help maintain our Membership settings we went with WPMUDEV's Membership Pro. We bought it back in Aug/Sept of last year. We imported all users and assigned them to the proper Membership Level as they're. Please note, member's don't use the gateway to pay for their membership via this plugin. We have a fulfillment center that handles all of this information. The biggest issue is that I don't believe there is an API to work with our fulfillment center and this plugin. That would be amazing.

The issue here is that when we enter everyone in (everyone was set to 1 year - 365 days of membership). There was a small issue when this process first started that our customer service didn't know they had to assign levels to new users they were entering. This problem has since been fixed but the issue is that we have no control of entering in manually their "Level Expires" date from the dashboard/backend to make sure they're the same with our fulfillment center.

I have tried to research this issue, but have found there is plans to make it in a future update but that has been said for the past 2-3 years from what I have been reading. I been reading the reason this hasn't been fixed is because it deals with a payment gateway, but I don't see why this isn't an option if we're not using it as payment gateway. I have read you can change this information manually in backend database but this needs to be simple and easy for customer service to edit then editing a huge spreadsheet database that they could mess up very easily.

I wanted to know if there is a better way for us to handle this so we can fix this problem simple. We don't want to change plugins if possible. If this isn't an option, what would you're company suggest? What other options do we have. We really badly need to fix this problem. Please help!


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  • Vaughan

    Hi Michael,

    Hope you're well?

    currently there isn't a way to manually change the expiry date from the dashboard, but it can be done by editing the DB with your servers phpmyadmin or whichever SQL DB management software you use.

    If you look at the DB & find the wp_m_membership_relationships table, there you will see the expiry dates for each member.

    You will need to know the user_id of the user match those up, so you can then find the row for that user.

    Then it's just a matter of changing the expiry date data in that particular row for that user.

    I'm assuming that you know mysql.

    However if you don't, something like below you could manually create an sql query to save you having to do it manually.

    UPDATE wp_m_membership_relationships
    SET expirydate = '2015-03-26 10:48:06'
    WHERE user_id = 1

    This will set the expiry date to 26/03/2015 at 10:48:06am for the user with user_id 1

    So if the date is the same for all, you can just add multiple user_id's with the AND parameter

    UPDATE wp_m_membership_relationships
    SET expirydate = '2015-03-26 10:48:06'
    WHERE user_id = 1
    AND user_id = 2
    AND user_id = 3

    Obviously if they have different dates, then you will need to create a query for each date.

    Make sure you change wp_ for the prefix of your wordpress if it was changed during installation.

    Hope this helps

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