Manually Registered Members Receive Welcome Emails Everyday

I have a rather odd problem. Firstly, I am using the Membership 3.5 Beta 5 plugin. I had to upgrade to that version because the plugin stopped sending a "Thank You" email after members register. Now I have another problem. Here's a detailed background:

My organization offers the ability for prospective members to fill out a printed application and I, as the webmaster, will manually register the new members from the website. I also have a "Welcome to the Club" email setup in the Communications tab. Unfortunately, all of manually users are receiving this "Welcome" email not once, but EVERYDAY.

Here is the process I am doing to manually register a user:
1. I go to the website's registration page.
2. I complete all of the prospective member's application data.
3. User receives the 1st of two emails. This email contains their username and password.
4. I then go into the website's backend and go to the Membership plugin Admin page.
5. I select the new member and assign them a membership level.
6. User then receives a "Welcome" email.

Not sure what's going on. I also need a solution SOON as I am going to release my site the end of this week.

Can anyone help?