Many issues about Membership plugin


I have issues with this plugin:

1) (Register Page) When the user make sign up, open a new form, where I request a “Chose a Username”, "Email Address", “Password” and “Confirm Password”. When the user finish the process and click the button “Register My Account”, open a new form where invite again to “Sign Up” and appear a box with the message “Please check the details of your subscription below and click on the relevant button to complete the subscription”. The problem is don’t show any button below and the user feel didn’t make the susbscrition. And my expectation was after click the button “Register My Account”, the user is redirected (goes to) the Welcome Page which was created within the plugin. How I can put the users goes to welcome Page?

2) After the user click the button “Register My Account”, they receive a mail with the Username and the Password and a Link. This email have the email direction of my host service. But the worst situation, was the link send the user to make login on my WordPress site and give access to the dashboard (real security issues!!). How I can change this email direction? How I can create a "Login Page" only for the subscriber? I had the expectation to find a form where I request the “Email Address” and “Password”, but didn’t saw anything!!!

3) (Subscription Page) After the user had subscription and received an email if they gone to the Subscription Page will see this message “You do not currently have any subscriptions in place. You can sign up for a new subscription by selection one below”. Again, the user will think that it not made ??the subscription!!!!

Thanks in advanced