[Many] Issues with redirecting on plugin activation

From the plugin page, activate one of the plugins listed below. There is an immediate jump to the setup page for that plugin.

Now from the plugin page, select one of those plugins amongst any others before and after it. Bulk Activate. Note that on activation of any of these plugins, because a redirect is done, none of the other plugins following it are activated.

List so far, might be more :

CoursePress, Defender, Events, Hustle, Snapshot Pro

Might or might not be related…

Select Marketpress and Membership, plus another plugin after them. Now Bulk Activate.

– Marketpress activates, but does not display an admin tip of its success.

– Membership does not activate, but does display the tip : “Membership 2 is set up for version 4.1.2!” So because it’s already been setup for the current version it’s not going to activate?

– Because Marketpress failed to activate, the other plugin(s) afterward also failed to activate.

This seems to be related because it’s checking settings, and rather than jumping to the settings page it’s simply checking the settings version, but then still doesn’t allow other plugins to activate.

Plugins from other sources do this too – bulk activate fails because they want to jump to a setup page. Examples include IP Geo Block and WPS Hide Login. I can report the issue to them too.

For now, this is my report to WPMU DEV : Please don’t jump to settings and please don’t throw an error when everything is current. One reason for this is that mass activations will fail, like with WP-CLI. Automate may even fail under these conditions. We have reported that after Automate takes an action that other plugins have failed to start – maybe this is a reason. The result of this failure is that the user is left staring at the page wondering why some plugins activated and others didn’t, or believing some did when they didn’t. If done through automation (like CLI) then the activation needs to be done many times to ensure all plugins activate … even if they’re not yet configured.

Yes, this generally occurs only during a new site setup, when plugins that have not yet been configured are being activated for the first time. Maybe there’s a rule of thumb that says “don’t mass activate plugins unless they have all been configured”. And yes, this is an action that’s generally only performed on a site in maintenance. So Automate may only trip on a site that has a new plugin that hasn’t been configured before it’s getting an update. The window of opportunity for this issue is limited but still open.

I’m filing this as an enhancement/feature request and not as a bug because it seems like there is a much larger WP issue going on here and it’s not on WPMU DEV to resolve what others might consider to be a feature. Setting up a new site this happened to me several times before I found the pattern. I’m passing this along for others to comment, and all plugin developers to consider.

Thanks for your time.