Many translation bugs and a way to find them


On many places (more than 10) a 'cp' argument is missing in eigther the _e() or __() functions and they do not work.

I give you the method to find these bugs. Use Windows Grep to search in the folder with all coursepress files and the following regular expressions:

_e\(.?'[0-9a-zA-Z,_\$\-\. ]+'.?\)
__\(.?'[0-9a-zA-Z,_\$\-\. ]+'.?\)
_e\(.?"[0-9a-zA-Z,'_\$\-\. ]+".?\)
__\(.?"[0-9a-zA-Z,'_\$\-\. ]+".?\)

You need to do the four searches to find all bugs because there are two functions to check and we want to check them with either single or double quotes. (Note: Currently the 4-th one does not return any results, but the other 3 find several bugs).

Here are two examples you will find, but there are many more:
line 67 in coursepress\includes\classes\class.woocommerce-integration.php
line 74 in coursepress\includes\widgets\course-categories.php
and so on .....

Please fix :slight_smile: