"Map not saved" error on Google Maps

I can’t seem to edit maps at all. When I attempt to, it hangs, and then eventually I get a popup that says “Map not saved”. The only thing that seems to not be saving is the position I want the map to be shown. (i.e. even though it says it’s not saved, it seems to save everything except the position of the map)

This started happening with the recent 3.6 update to WordPress. Any ideas as to what might be going on?

  • doodlebee
    • Flash Drive

    I should also add that this was working perfectly fine with the plugins I was using before the update to 3.6. However, I did deactivate/reactivate all plugins, and the error still persists, even when it’s the only plugin being used.

    I’m inserting the map into a widget (but I’m creating it through a post, since I can’t create them in the widget areas).

  • Elliott Bristow
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi doodblebee,

    This could be an issue with 3.6. I’ve not update my test server to 3.6 yet so I’m going to ask the developer to comment to see if there is any reason why the upgrade might be producing this error.

    While we wait for him to reply, you mentioned that you disabled all plugins except Google Maps. Did you also try switching your theme to something basic like Twenty Twelve, just in case this is causing any conflicts after the upgrade.

  • doodlebee
    • Flash Drive

    Interesting. I just rolled the site back to WordPress 3.5.2, and it’s still doing it. All plugins deactivated, and using Twenty Twelve.

    The only time this happens is:

    1) When I try to adjust the map visibility (i.e. adjust the map location); or

    2) if I click on “Save Changes to this Map” more than once. (which is understandable, because there’s no indication whatsoever that the map changes were saved, so it’s kind of a natural thing to click it a second time)

    (however, the visibility of the map shows up just fine on 3.5.2.)

    Hope that helps!

  • doodlebee
    • Flash Drive

    Just an update – I tried the “Fix and Repair” add-on, but it didn’t seem to help. The biggest issue I’m having at this point is the map won’t center between two points, and the client’s annoyed with that.

    But still getting the “Map not saved” errors. I’m happy to provide a login or whatever so you can see it if you’d like.

  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    I can confirm that the “map not saved” message is actually an issue on repeated map saving – the map, in fact, *does* get saved, though. The issue will be fixed with the very next plugin update. However, as for the map visibility/location issue – if by that you mean the map center (i.e. the visible portion of the map), the plugin does not save that by default. It will, however, center the map on the last marker you add to the map by default. If this behavior is not what you’re after, or you don’t want to have markers on your map, the plugin comes with an add-on named “Center map on location”, which is made for this very purpose. Once you activate the add-on, you can center your map on certain coordinates by adding the “center” argument to your shortcode. The argument accepts a comma-separated latitude/longitude pair, e.g. like this:

    [map id="12" center="45.359865,20.412598"]

  • doodlebee
    • Flash Drive

    Hi! Thanks :slight_smile:

    Yes, i did try removing and a fresh install.

    And yes, the map does save. i did use the “Center Map on Location” add-on, but it’s still not saving the centered location. It centers on the first location in the list. I’ll try the shortcode though – That’ll probably work :slight_smile: (In the meantime I just zoomed out by one, and it centered that way!)

    Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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