Map plugin Nearby Friends Error

this is the error i get when i try to use the nearby friend function on the map

Invalid Scopes: friends_photos, friends_status. This message is only shown to developers. Users of your app will ignore these permissions if present. Please read the documentation for valid permissions at:

  • Nastia

    Hello daniel shankin

    I hope you are doing well today!

    I have tested the User Check In add-on and it's working well on my site. It's very simple to activate and use it :slight_smile:

    Navigate from your dashboard to Settings -> Google Maps, scroll down to Add-ons section and activate the "User check-ins".

    Use the following shortcodes on any if your page so users could check in:

    [agm_show_checkins id="1" last_hour="48"]

    And that's it!

    also, is there a way to make the directions pop up in a modal box or something, you can see that it doesn't really work on my site.

    I'm afraid this will require custom JS code and this is out of a scope that we can provide in this forums.

    It's doable, please feel free to post a new job in the Jobs & Pros section so a skilful developer can do this for you.

    Kind Regards,

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