Map query shortcode not returning all maps among other issues

Background Information: I am dynamically creating maps and attaching them to a custompress custom post type using the location shortcode in a custom single-listing.php file. It does not get generated on the first load of the page, but eventually gets generated on the first refresh(not sure why that is). My goal is to generate a map on the main page with all of the active listings as markers with a link in the marker to the listing page and the option to get directions.

I have two iterations of what I would expect to be the same maps, one via the provided google maps widget, and the other via the map query shortcode. Both have problems that really hamper their use.

Google Maps widget problems:
A) Not responsive regardless of setting the option via the global settings addon(even tried the "fixed" php file from another support ticket)
B) You cannot set a relative width, only pixel....
C) You cannot show posts in the marker without showing the marker list......

Map Query Shortcode problems:
A) Height parameter not honored. Only the global default is honored.
B) Regardless of the query value, I get the same number of markers.
C) Even though I code show_posts=”true”, there are no post links.

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