Map wrap div is full width on left-aligned map

I have a left-aligned map that I’d like to wrap text around, but the auto-generated(I presume) div that wraps the map is full-width, pushing everything below it.

The div has an id=”map_map_1079603544232_preview_alignment_container” and no class, or else I could use said class to make sure all similar maps didn’t take up the full width of their parent element, as well as adding some much-needed margins to the map.

Any thoughts on how to override this and have text wrap to the left or right of the map? Or just to add a class, I guess?

Thanks! I’ve got some great maps with custom markers going. Just need these final details.

  • DavidM
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    Hi dmoz,

    Hmm, could we possibly get a link to the site for reference? It’ll help to be able to quickly see that as reference especially in regard to your particular site.

    I’ll tag the developer on this to have a look as well.



  • dmoz
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    I found file: class_agm_marker_replacer.php in /lib, and it outputs the actual map div, but the div in question is the one that wraps the map for alignment only I guess.

    If I can get rid of this wrapping div, and float the regular map div left or right like WP aligned post images, rather than stuck in a parent div, floated left or right, then a <div style="clear: both;"></div> stuck underneath, that’d be awesome.

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