mapped domain gets redirected to /wp-signup.php?new=DOMAIN I'M GOING TOO

The main site is
I have a few Multi Domains and a few mapped domains.
The mapped domains that are resolved now are all redirecting for everyone to the signup page
If I put in in the URL Box it redirects to
Since I'm logged in to a FF Browser on main site I did use another browser IE and Google and it redirected to signup page on main site.

Register and cpanel is too long to re post how its configured, here is the posting I did yesterday, about the subject.
Everything was working fine last night and this morning.
I have deactivated all plugins except multi domains and domain mapping obviously.
I have made sure the multi Domain sunrise.php was copied to /public_html/wp-content and the old one renamed before copy.

I double cheched both configes I'm attaching screen shots of both domain mapping and multi domains

and also get the red message as you can see in domain mapping that I 'm using an old sunrise.php, I know its because of the multi domains being copied over.
You guys might want to fix that.

I like to add there is 4 domains that have not been put into domain mapping do to its not resolved yet still getting the red box on that. will try that later and tomorrow.