Mapped Domains Buddy Bar Links and Profile Linking Broken

All issues mentioned in this message are in reference to the following website:
(can also be found at)

We are experiencing a crippling bug when we enable the domain mapping plugin on any of our subdomains. If you go to the link above, you will see a site within our network using the plugin.

After much troubleshooting we were able to get the domain properly mapped, so that appears to be 'working' at this point. However, if you put your mouse over the "" or "My Account" buttons on the Buddypress Bar at the TOP of the page, you will notice that ALL links point to "" instead of our root site ""

What this has done is break all of the top menu links when the domain mapping is activated. We cannot seem to identify the reason for the domain mapping plugin to add the subdomain prefix to all dynamic links.

But the problem is even more widespread than simply the Buddypress Bar. It also is affecting commenting, the ability to log in to the site (network wide) and profile linking.

Allow me to demonstrate:
Please visit the following URL:

You will notice that this comment (by Tyler AKA me) does not have an avatar displaying, and that if you click on my name, instead of being taken to my member profile page you hit a 404 error page.

The page this SHOULD be linking to is this:
instead, once again the cstm. prefix is being inexplicably added and instead of being sent to our root site's members profile you get sent to a page that does not exist.

It goes without saying, but when domain mapping is REMOVED from this site, these errors vanish.

I would greatly appreciate help on this matter as it is currently stopping us dead in our tracks from unveiling a great number of features (pro sites, etc) on our growing network. If any WPMU dev staff feel that seeing the back end of our installation may help diagnose this issue, please email me to arrange this.

tyler AT middleearthnetwork DOT com

Thank you for your timely support with this troublesome issue.

  • aecnu

    Greetings Middleearth,

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev member!

    We are experiencing a crippling bug when we enable the domain mapping plugin on any of our subdomains. If you go to the link above, you will see a site within our network using the plugin.

    I remember this ticket from recently before and can confirm the Domain Mapping plugin itself does not have a bug though the symptoms may seem to point in that direction ( I was just a member a little over a week ago and have been using the Domain Mapping problem without error since last March).

    What concerns us is that evidently your web site does and we want to get it resolved asap as I am certain you do too.

    What I will do is ask the lead developer of Domain Mapping if they can think of any specific issues that could be causing this in addition to helping to get a fix sorted for you asap.

    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

  • MyMiddleEarth

    Thank you aecnu!

    I know that many members are running domain mapping perfectly fine, which is why it's so darn confusing and frustrating to be having these issues.

    If you can get us in touch with the developer, we would LOVE to chat via email or phone to get this resolved.

    tyler AT middleearthnetwork DOT com

    I even have a colleague who is willing to pay a "bounty" to anyone who can help us fix this issue. That's how desperate we are.

    Please let me know asap how we can work together to resolve this.

  • MyMiddleEarth

    Deleting the Domain Mapping plugin from WPMUdev and installing the Domain Mapping plugin and sunrise file from:
    fixed our problem completely.

    There is an option in Super Admin settings of the plugin that lets you enable "remote login' and I suspect that was the issue.

    Any further thoughts?

  • aecnu

    Greetings Middleearth,

    Sorry to have been such a delay in a reply, this ticket somehow got buried in our system.

    I have no idea what "enable remote login" has to do with it since I do not see it on my end and we have no trouble logging into our mapped domains using there mapped domain names.

    As a matter of fact these specific servers of ours that is our development environment and production servers are in the US and that is about as remote as you can get from Eastern Europe - and they work just fine.

    Anyway I apologize once again for the delay in a reply and also happy to hear that you got things finally sorted out and working to your satisfaction.

    Cheeras, Joe :slight_smile:

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