mapped domains show as invalid, although they appear to be working

I have a multisite pro site buddypress blogs mu install with domain mapping plugin.

I have 9 domains configured in the domain mapping plugin that are registering as invalid. In the past they were valid.

I have cleared my browser cache in both desktop and phone versions of my attempt to view them and I have disabled cacheing in each of their cloudflare accounts.

They are testing as valid in - both website and dns, although they all fail in the dns reverse lookup.

I have also marked as NO for "verify dns" and "domain health" in the plugin. Please advise. Linda @iempoweru

  • Vaughan

    Hi Linda,

    Hope you're well?

    When I enter your sites IP address into a browser. I receive a default server page, this tells me that your site IP address is not assigned or Unique.

    You will need to make sure that your site has it's own unique static IP address with it's documentRoot pointed at your main sites root folder (where wp-config.php is located)

    You will need to ask your host about this. The DNS check will not work if the IP address doesn't point to your sites root folder.

    You can test this by just entering your site IP address into a browser, you should then see your main sites homepage, if you see the default server page like in the screenshot, then it's incorrectly set up. This looks to be why the check is always failing eventhough the mapped domains all work.

    Hope this helps

  • iempoweru

    @Vaughan Thanks for your quick response. I called the host and explained. This is what they say, that it is a dedicated IP address and that there are problems because I have so many domains pointing to the same place. He said that if I type in the temporary address it works. He gave it to me and I type it in and it does work. I will send it to you privately if you would like. I asked him what the solution is and he said you would have to re-configure your plugin to accept the temporary. I don't expect that to happen, so now what? I can't be the only multisite with multiple domains pointing to the same IP address?

    How important is this - the sites are loading afterall? How will this affect growing the network, ssl and seo? Thanks in advance for your help. Linda @iempoweru

  • Vaughan


    It's only important for the DNS check in this case. As your sites are all working ok, there isn't really much to worry about imo, if it ain't broke, don't change it (sometimes wise words)

    It shouldn't really affect SEO as such, as you're using cloudflare anyway (which can also be the cause of the check to fail). So I would say, ignore the check for now, if it does start to become an issue later on we can get back to it, but it'd be a shame if we start messing about now whilst everything is working & end up breaking something.

    Hope this helps

  • iempoweru

    @Vaughan I tend to agree on that one. The stress of having the network down for a week is enough for now. Although I did have a crazy idea. In domain mapping settings there is a place to insert the IP address. Maybe later I will be brave enough to try and see, but what would happen if we put in the temporary IP address instead of the real one? Do you know of any plugin related issues that would freak out if we did this? Thanks in advance for your help! Linda @iempoweru

  • Vaughan

    I would leave it as is for now,

    If you change the IP address, then you'd most likely need to change the IP for the DNS A records of each mapped domain too, otherwise you might get issues, and of course doing that would then mean the mapped domains would probably fail due to propogation.

    And remember, it's a temporary address, so that would mean later on you're probably going to have to change it again.


    • iempoweru

      @Vaughan I can't let sleeping dogs lie. One of the attractions of the whole multisite installation is being able to map a domain to a subsite.

      I have been thinking about this and I think I might know what is wrong.

      I assumed this happened when I added the ssl. But, a week or so before, I had redirected the dns for most of my mapped domains to cloudflare. I did not redirect the main multisite domain.

      Because of this, those domains are now located at a different IP address. Could this be what is causing those domains to show up as invalid?

      I think I did this whole cloudflare thing backwards and I have a ticket in to them asking how to fix that side of it. Let you know. Linda @iempoweru

  • iempoweru

    @Vaughan - see the post above as well as this one.

    I got the response back from Cloudflare:
    Hi Linda,

    I'm not entirely following as to what the problem is here. You can add as many domains to CloudFlare, and it doesn't matter in which order you do that. You can add the domain at any time, and make configurational changes at any time.

    Kind of not what they say in their help forums, so I will follow up again. But, at any rate, the IP address for all of the mapped domains that I have sent over to them is the same. So it follows that if I send the main site domain over there, then it should be on the same IP address. Then, I believe that if I insert this new IP address into the mapped domain field, all of those mapped domains should be valid. Any problems you see that I don't? Thanks in advance for your help!

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