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I have an external domain, call it - I want to add - I see that it is necessary to add an A record and maybe a CNAME, but the details are eluding me. Can you help?


  • Gabe

    Hey Paul. My assumption is that you want to add as a subsite of's network.

    First you'll need to point to To do this you can either set an A record to's host IP address or CNAME to's host name.

    Next, go to whatever the original site is, let's call it and go to Tools > Domain Mapping and simply map to it (see attached screenshot). It may take a few days for the DNS changes to propagate.

  • Patrick

    Hi @paul_clerc,

    Welcome to the forums!

    First of all, I'd like to be sure that you are running a multisite installation of WordPress with a dedicated IP. Are you? If not, then this plugin may not function properly.

    Second, just to clarify: do you want to direct to, or direct to

    Also, are you using cPanel at your hosting account?

  • maiki

    I don't use the plugin from WPMU, but I believe it is similar to the one on Here is an example of what I am doing with a network for my personal use.

    I run a network at

    My blog was created as I pointed to the IP address as an A record (because I use Rackspace's DNS, and they don't allow the top level of a domain to be set as a CNAME; your milage may vary from host to host). Then in my dashboard I added as a domain pointing to my site, and I made it the primary domain (, which means that all other addresses pointed at my blog will redirect to it. So if you go to, the browser will get

    I think primary and sub-domain are confusing, that is why I explained it out like that.

    Now, I plan on running some forums, at I am going to use bbPress, and it will be its own site. So I will create, and I will add the sub-domain to that site, and I will set it as the primary domain. When I point that address to the site I will create a CNAME record, so it points like this: ->

    Perhaps other folks can help you with cPanel, I don't use it. However, the answer is yes, you can have a sub-domain on a different address point to a sub-site on a WordPress multi-site network. ^_^

  • maiki

    Hmm. Another complication with the wpmu plugin is that once I added the custom domain, the original domain was inexplicably pointed to it. So (the original domain) now is redirected to when I type into the URL bar. Sounds like maybe the original domain mapping plugin may be better for this purpose?

    Nope, that is the intended behavior. You don't want duplicate content, the redirect tells browsers and search engines that the primary address is where to look for the content.

    If you want to make multiple sites have the same content, there are other ways to do that, but it is beyond the scope of this plugin.

  • wordnerd503

    Maiki - thanks for your pointers here. I took your suggestion and installed the original domain mapping plugin.

    So here's my situation:

    1. I have set up, installed, working great.
    2. I am trying to add so that it can be managed in the multisite installation. To that end, I went to Settings->Domains (/wp-admin/network/settings.php?page=dm_domains_admin) and added - then per the instructions HERE I added the A record to and added as a parked domain (points to /) with no redirection.

    So far the is not resolving where it should be. Any ideas?

    Thank you

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