Mapping HTTP Domain on HTTPS enabled Multisite

Hi guys,

we currently face a strange issue.

We have a https enabled WP multisite installation. HOME_URL and such are configured to be https with the original domain.
Now we try to add a HTTP only Domain via the Domain Mapping plugin. Sadly the mapped domain is always forwared from HTTP to HTTPS and back to HTTP and finally leads to a TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS browser error.

Mapped Domain:
Original Domain: (yup, invalid cert because of testsite)

The mapped domain ist set to force HTTP. The original Domain is configured to not force anything in your plugin. There is no nginx redirect in place nor the HSTS Header.

Might this be related to this issue?
You mentioned a fix there. I would love to try that, if you belive it could be related.
Support Access to the site is granted. If you need anything else, I will share whatever you need :slight_smile:.

Best Regards,