mapping TLD to subdomain on TLD with MS

New and excited member… great resource. I read a ton of your forums, manuals and watched videos here and on YouTube. I should understand and I’m sure it’s the DNS. Sorry I’m so stupid, didn’t think I was. is my Multisite install

Created in network dashboard, sites, add new

I need to map to

Both TDLs have been propagated for a long time and active.

I moved sunrise.php and edited config.php with define( ‘SUNRISE’, ‘on’ );

The domain mapping plugin is network activated

Mapping Options confirmed with in Network Settings

Created A record on 14400 IN A is named politics on the My Site Network Dropdown

from tools/domain mapping ‘Map new domain name’ I put in the field and click Map Domain and get the red bordered box ‘Domain name is unavailable to access…

I have Pro sites plugin installed but have not configured it… not sure what is required as Activation Key and IP address just disappear. Not sure what Blog Id is or where to get it.

When I go to sites on the network there are none mapped.

If you need access info, I’m happy to provide it and change passwords afterward.

Thank you in advance for your valuable time.

–rick hare