MapPress to Google Maps Request

It would be great is MapPress users could maintain their previous settings and database entries as well as MapPress short codes still working or converting thus meaning if a site created 100s of articles with maps they wouldn't have to recreate them all again with this new plugin. :slight_smile:

  • Vladislav


    This is quite an interesting feature. Honestly, I don't think that a sort of run-once conversion utility is a way to go. With 100s of posts (or even more) to go through, there is just too much room for something trivial or semi-related to go wrong, which could potentially leave your database in a mess.

    However, a compatibility layer (that can be turned on or off in the options) may be a viable approach. MapPress and WDM store data and handle things quite differently internally so I'll have to look deeper into this. I see how it could be important for some setups, so I'll definitely keep this in mind for future.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Creating a compatibility layer would create dependence on future support for two plugins from the one, because:

    + Which DB version of MapPress you support? current version or the version in 6 months which might have radically changed. Would you then handle upgrading old db layout to the new one? or import it then?

    + Users could become dependant on you supporting not only your own plugin but a compatibility layer for a competing and ever evolving plugin.

    + More tables to be queried.

    One import would negate all that, you would then only offer upgrade support for the latest MapPress as needed, thus leaving less to be concerned about.

    I mention this as I have seen issues in past non-wp based projects where compatibility layers sound good and very plausible but ultimately caused issues.

    I hope to see something though, I'd love to convert from MapPress, I suppose I could stop being lazy and convert the data myself.... But support for this would be fantastic. :slight_smile:

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