maps and multiple markers

I'm trying to ascertain if some WP plugins will accommodate multiple markers on one map.
I have about 1700 records of data with addresses and lat and lng with descriptions and other data,
and want them all on one US Map ( or multiple state maps). Reading through documentation on many different plugins the one plugin that seemed to do it also seems broken. ( not the one here at WPMU though).
So before i try converting data and trying to create shortcode or figure out whether Google Maps is going to work - let me know if you think this plugin can accomplish this goal.
I just read another article saying in the shortcode if you set overlay to true you can accomplish this.
But with all these records and not wanting to create maps manually, what shortcut can i take to input these records? Will the end result be 1700 posts
with various tags or categories? A simple tut would help.
Thanks in advance