Maps for BuddyPress – Show location of all registered users with custom fields

Hello WPMU Dev!!!

I’m am using bbPress 2.0 and the latest WordPress.

I have a BP custom field declared for members – this is ‘location’. This can be a postcode / location (e.g. m33 OR London).

I want to allow all my non-registered-members to be able to see the locations of all members on a maps (with a link to their profile page & a avatar). I do not want to have to cycle through all the posts.


I’m looking at the plugin code and thinking about building an array of locations through a query on all the users custom location fields. Then somehow attaching that to a ‘map’…… perhaps inserting the array directly into the DB table. ……… BUT, I can’t help thinking that I would be making life hard for myself. Is there an easier way of doing this!

Also – each of the locations/directions appear on the bottom of the maps – is there a way of hiding this?