Maps via Custom Fields: Possible Feature Requests

Hi there,
Have seen others posting about a desire to be able to specify a custom marker with the shortcode. I have a similar need, to specify one for the custom field generated maps.

The automatic creation of maps from a "location" custom field seems like a hugely powerful option. But it seems like there could be many more options added here.

As mentioned, specifying a custom marker is a big one for me personally. Even if this was done via a text-based custom field which contained a URL to the image (i.e. rather than a more media library integrated solution).

Obviously, you could extend this to cover most other conceivable options for a map. Although many options are covered by using the default values - there could be scenarios where this isn't ideal. (e.g. the zoom).

Just wondering if there is any plans to expand on this area of the plugin?


  • slavetotheweb

    Sorry one other thing to add to this.

    You have the option tick box to have the map be regenerated if the location custom field is amended.
    It would also be great to have a similar option to select that deletes the generated map if the associated post-type is deleted.

    In my scenario this would be useful as I have a mash-up map of all locations - but if I delete a post, the marker remains, because the map associated with that old post remains behind. Meaning I have to go in separately to delete the associated map.

    (Even if you didn't have the mashup - it would be nice house-cleaning to ditch orphaned maps)


  • slavetotheweb

    Thanks for that!
    Also I noticed a slight bug in this area. (Or at least, a feature that needs to be more clearly explained).
    There is the option to "discard old map when this field is updated" which I understand - if you change the address, you could certainly want the map to be discarded and regenerated.
    The implication however, is that if you untick this box, nothing happens regarding maps when you update the page/post.

    In fact - if you untick this box - a new map is still automatically regenerated. What's worse is that it seems to do this every time you save ANY changes to the post/page in question. Even if the address/coords custom fields are left unchanged and you've only changed other elements. Which can lead to a huge surplus of un-required maps building up, making it hard to navigate or know which one is the original.

    Thought you might like to add this to your bug list, if not already there.

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